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Clubs and organizations

State Associations - US
Alabama - Alabama Hawking Association

Alaska - Alaska Falconers Association - P.O. Box 670386, Chugiak, AK 99567

Arizona - Arizona Falconers' Association

Arkansas - Arkansas Hawking Association

California - California Hawking Club

Colorado - Colorado Hawking Club

Connecticut - Connecticut Falconers Association

Delaware - Delaware Falconry Heritage Association

Florida - Florida Hawking Fraternity
Florida Falconry Association

Georgia - Georgia Falconry Association
               Georgia Game Hawkers Club http://

Hawaii - due to the lack of native raptors indigenous to the islands, falconry is not legal in Hawaii

Idaho - Idaho Falconers' Association

Illinois - Great Lakes Falconers Association
Illinois Falconers Association

Indiana - Indiana Falconer's Association

Iowa - Iowa Falconers' Association

Kansas - Kansas Hawking Club

Kentucky - Kentucky Falconers Association - 307 Cox Waters Rd, Shelbyville, KY 40065

Louisiana - Louisiana Falconry

Maine - Maine Falconry and Raptor Conservancy -

Maryland - Maryland Falconry Club
               Potomac Falconers Assn - 800 Richardson Dr, Harwood MD 20776

Massachusetts - Massachusetts Falconry and Hawk Trust

Michigan - Michigan Hawking Club

Minnesota - Minnesota Falconers Association

Mississippi - Mississippi Falconers Association - 10229 RD 308, Pass Christian, MS 39571
Central Mississippi Hawking Club

Missouri - Missouri Falconry

Montana - Montana Falconers Association - 3616 Mescalero Trail, Billings, MT 59106

Nebraska - Nebraska Falconers Association

Nevada - Southern Nevada Game Hawkers - 7801 Homestead R, Pahrump NV 89048

New Hampshire - New Hampshire Falconers Association

New Jersey - New Jersey Falconry Club

New Mexico - New Mexico Falconers Association
               New Mexico Falconers Association Yahoo! Group

New York - New York State Falconry Association
               Long Island Falconers' Association

North Carolina - North Carolina Falconer's Guild

North Dakota

Ohio - Ohio Falconry Association

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Falconers' Association

Oregon - Oregon Falconers Association

Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania Falconry and Hawk Trust

Rhode Island

South Carolina - South Carolina Falconry Association

South Dakota

Tennessee - Tennessee Falconers' Association

Texas - Texas Hawking Association

Utah - Utah Falconers and Raptor Breeders Association

Vermont - Vermont Falconers Assn - 1957 Gove Hill Rd, Thetford Center, VT 05075

Virginia - Virginia Falconers' Association

Washington - Washington Falconer's Association

West Virginia - West Virginia Falconry

Wisconsin - Wisconsin Falconry Association

Wyoming - Wyoming Falconer's Association

Other state clubs

American Falconry Conservancy

North American Falconer's Association

Canada and International Clubs
Brazil - Associação Brasileira de Falcoeiros e Preservação de Aves de Rapina

Britain - British Falconer's Club

Canada - Alberta Falconry Association

Canada - British Columbia Falconry Association

Canada - Ontario Hawking Club Inc -

Canada - Quebec - L'Association QuÉbÉcoise des Fauconniers et Autoursiers

Canada - Saskatchewan Falconry Association

Germany - German Falconry

Ireland - Irish Hawking Club

Italy - la Falconeria in Italia

Japan - Japan Falconers Association

Scotland - Scottish Hawking Club

Switzerland - Swiss Falconry

United Kingdom - Cheshire Hawking Club

Other Organizations
Peregrine Fund

Utah Sky Trials

Online Resources

Raptor Repertoire


Canadian Falconry





Hawking Merlins

Merlin trappers


Georgia Gamehawking

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