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A library of links interesting to falconer and enthusiast.
All pages and videos for this site can be found listed here:

Several of the pages of this site are now available in Russian. Thanks to Natalia Grechanaya for her translations. Regulations
I strongly encourage all falconers to carefully print, read, and understand the following and keep copies in your mews or preparation area:
US Fish and Wildlife Service Title 50 CFR Part 21 (Migratory Bird Permits)

I strongly encourage all falconers to carefully print, read, and understand the following and keep copies in your mews or preparation area:
Washington State Title 232 WAC Chapter 30 (232-30 Falconry Regulations)

3-816A Online Reporting Page (for states on the new federal regulations)
3-186A Online Filing Form

US Fish and Wildlife Service - Migratory Bird and Eagle Permits

Federal Propagation Regulations

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Washington Falconers Association

Falconry exams
Falconry test Yahoo group

Falconry study flash cards

Raptor videos
UNESCO Falconry Heritage video
The UN has declared falconry to be an Intangible Cultural Heritage

Eddie Brochin - The Sport of Kings

Immature urban Red-Tail Hawk - showing just how comfortable a wild bird can be hunting and eating around people

PBS' Jungle Eagle - The Harpy Eagle

Abu Dhabi's state of the art falcon hospital

Bald Eagle swimming to shore with fish

Internet Bird Collection - various raptor species and videos

The Birds of North America

Raptor Biology and Aviculture
Raptor talons and killing method

Washington Nature Mapping program

Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Species abbreviations and species profiles

Cornell - an incredible amount of information about birds

Field Manual of Wildlife Diseases

Avian Orthopedics

Bird beak anatomy and care

Bird Skulls

Exotic Pet Vet

How hawks see the world

Species population trend maps

Life Histories of North American Birds by Bent

Avian Biotech - DNA sexing

Project OwlNet

Plumage and moults

Wildlife Diseases,1607,7-153-10370_12150_12220---,00.html

Long-Billed Hawk Syndrome (three-quarters of the way down the page)

Biosafety of Disinfectants

BaywingDB - Harris Hawk database

Stellar Sea Eagle

Night time owl migration

Saw-Whet Owls

Falconry and Raptors in the News
Mongolian Eagle hunter

Streaming Eagles

Target Field has a new fan base: bird watchers

Abatement using raptors at World Cup games

Hawk in Library of Congress

Nazi pigeons vs British Peregrines

Target Field has a new fan base: bird watchers

Target Field has a new fan base: bird watchers

Merlins Nest in North-Gate Area - Merlin population seen for first time west of the Olympic Mountains

The Eagle Hunters

The Colbert Report - Stephen Colbert points out one of many flaws in Alan Parrot's claims that falconry is funding terrorism in the Middle East

Indianapolis Star Falcon Blog

A Boy and his Hawk

TV Tower Wires Kill 400 Birds in One Night

Woodland Park Zoo's 11-year-old falcon missing - again

Stork pays visit to high-rise hawks - Pale Male and Lola start new family in rebuilt roost

Nature Photographers - Peregrine Encounter (great photographs of a Peregrine taking a wading bird)

BBC - Calls over birds of prey killings

The New York Times - a lesser-known NYC Red-Tail rescued - surely would have been among the unlucky majority of wild raptors

National Geographic - Falconry Used to Secure North American Airports

PBS - A Falconer's Memoir

Christian Science Monitor - Flying with Falcons

Falconry - The Real Sport of Kings

Forbes - Billionaires on Vacation

Other Sites
The Modern Apprentice's information on traditional methods of training hawks was cited in an article exploring Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew

Bridget Maguire-Colton's Falcon Finders - helping reunite falconers with their wayward birds

Harry McElroy's Desert Hawking

Baine Carruther's excellent photography site

Charlie Butler's excellent falconry video blog

Falconry Forum - UK

World of Owls

Falconry Meet in the Czech Republic - excellent photos of a variety of birds

e-Training for Dogs - Dog training courses

Eduence Field Production - Falconry in Japan

International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council - IWRC

Falconers Yellow Pages

Matthew Mullenix' blog

Hawk House Art

Eagle Falconer

Falconer in Denmark

Microhawking - Sparrowhawk hunting blog

Hunting with Harris Hawks in the UK

Falconry Canada - Roy Priest

West Coast Falconry Academy

The Falconry and Raptor Education Foundation


Owl Pages

Zyra's Falconry Links - Russian raptor site

All images and text Copyright © 2004 - 2019 - Lydia Ash